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Metalphoto’s durability comes from its image – which is sealed inside of the anodized aluminum, providing corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, temperature and chemical resistance. The unique, photographic imaging process creates ultra-high resolution graphics and variable information – including machine-readable barcodes, anti-counterfeit security features and serialized data.

Since its development in 1950, Metalphoto has been trusted by leading OEMs, military and government organizations for nameplate, label and control panel applications where permanence, resolution, variable data or a combination of those characteristics is required.

Cross Section: To your right, a cross section is displayed by illustrating the aluminum layer, the sealed image, and the anodized layer.

Cross Section


Durable Icon

Metalphoto’s image is sealed inside of anodized aluminum, making it readable after prolonged harsh conditions.

Variable Information

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Metalphoto supports item-unique serialized data, one-of-a kind instructions and barcodes for any symbology.


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Most major government, industrial and military organizations specify Metalphoto for its proven performance.


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High-res Metalphoto makes it possible to mark small items and provides the option of printing micro text and watermarks.

Tough applications? Tougher solution!

Durable | High Resolution | Permanent | Legible through the harshest environments

  • .003 MIL to .032 MIL material
  • Can shape cut perimeter to virtually any custom shape
  • Can counter sink holes for flat surface fastener installation
  • Permanent for life of the part
  • Wide range of adhesive backing for nearly any application
  • High temperature (up to 1,000° F)
  • Extreme UV resistance, excellent outdoors
  • 2D and QR code capability
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Chemical, fuel, hydraulic fluid, salt water resistance
  • Poly-color dyes and screen print ink colors available
  • Meets MIL-STD-130 requirements

Performance Characteristics:

Product Characteristics:

  • Material: anodized aluminum (1100 alloy)
  • Thicknesses: .003″, .005″, .008″, .012″, .020″, .032″


Matte Finish
Satin Finish
Gloss Finish


  • Non-reflective with dull finish


  • Semi-gloss, medium, reflective


  • Highly reflective; mirror-like




Metalphoto® Industry Flyers

For over 50 years, United States Department of Defense, industrial and military engineers have specified Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum for durable nameplates, barcode labels, service schematics and control panels installed in harsh operating environments.

Metalphoto® White Papers

These information-based white papers display how and why Metalphoto® is a viable solution for any industry’s problems.

Metalphoto® Case Studies

These case studies illustrate Metalphoto® as a practical use for all industries, with all different projects.

Industry Uses for Metalphoto

  • Aircraft Labels
  • Military & Commercial Placards
  • VIN Tags and Hull Plates
  • Asset Identification
  • UII/UID Data Matrix Barcodes
  • Serial Plates
  • Load and Rating Plates
  • Service Diagrams and Schematics
  • Equipment ID


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